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Vehicle leasing

There’s a simple basic idea behind the concept of leasing: you’re not buying the car in order to acquire property; rather, you only wish to use it for certain purposes.

To this end, you don’t need to purchase it, but can simply lease it for a specific term instead.

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Our leasing options

Residual value leasing

With the residual value leasing by Porsche Bank, you always stay solvent. You have control of the amount of the monthly payments throughout the term and of the calculated residual value of your vehicle. A personal contribution reduces your monthly leasing rate and the overall charge. We offer it all: fixed or variable interest rates as well as perfectly adapted additional benefits as desired, such as insurance and service.

Operating leasing

“Using instead of owning” is the concept behind the Porsche Bank operating leasing. Drive cars that are always in line with the state of the art - entirely without residual value risk.

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Benefit from the leasing offer

With car leasing from Porsche Bank, you'll have the key to your dream car in your hand in no time at all. Profit from:

  • Attractive leasing rates
  • Uncomplicated processing
  • Individual Offer
  • Personal Advice
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Lease a new car

Find your leasing offer among a large number of models from the brands VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat, VW LNF, Porsche and CUPRA.

Lease young and used cars

With our finance calculator lease me there are only top young and used cars.

Leasing Calculator

Find individual leasing offers for top models at a dream price.

Lower your leasing rate with a personal contribution


With a downpayment at the start of the contract, you reduce your monthly leasing rate.

The downpayment may not exceed 30% of the gross base price.


The deposit paid by you reduces the financing volume.

You pay no interest on the deposit, therefore minimising your financing costs.

Early refundable deposit

The early refundable deposit is divided across the months for which the term is agreed. Each month, a proportionate part of the deposit is credited to your leasing payments. This lowers the amount of the monthly payments.

At the end of the term, the deposit will have been “used up”.

Frequently asked questions


In the case of a loan, the focus is on the acquisition of ownership and there is the option of making special payments at any time during the term of the loan. With leasing, the focus is on use over a defined term. Porsche Bank remains the owner of the vehicle.

In addition to the monthly lease payment, ongoing operating costs such as comprehensive and liability insurance, engine-related insurance tax, maintenance and repair costs or refueling must be paid by the lessee. Upon conclusion of the contract, the statutory contract fee and processing costs are incurred.

A residual value leasing contract can be terminated by you in writing at any time. The difference between the termination value and the used car proceeds will be settled with you.

In the case of rental leasing, you can only terminate during the calculation base period with the consent of Porsche Bank.

Anyone to whom the lessee gives the vehicle for use may drive it if they have the appropriate driver's license. The subleasing of a leased vehicle is not permitted.

The amount of the leasing rate is influenced by various factors. These include, for example, the wishes and possibilities of the customer. This is also the reason why the rates are always different. In principle, it depends on the following components:

  • Selected model & vehicle price: The more expensive the purchase price, the higher the leasing rate.
  • Term of the contract: The shorter the term, the faster the installments are paid off.
  • Down payment and special payment: These can lower the leasing rate and are freely chosen in many cases. If there is no down payment or special payment, the monthly amount increases.
  • Residual value: The so-called residual value is determined by the purchase price. This is the value that the vehicle will have when it is returned. This compensates for the depreciation through use.
  • Interest rate: In the case of contracts concluded with fixed interest rates, nothing changes until the end of the contract. Contracts with variable interest rates are adjusted. The 3-month EURIBOR serves as the basis for calculation. If this changes by more than 0.25 percentage points, the fee will be adjusted on the first of the following quarter.